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I have been dancing, running, and moving ever since I can remember. When I’m moving, I have no sense of time, no worries, no pain. I am my strongest and most powerful self when my heart rate is soaring. Pilates lifts me the highest, and when I’m having a bad day, I head to the barre.

I have always loved sports. I’ve run several marathons (including Boston and Dublin) with qualifying times. But dance has always resonated with me the most. I studied ballet and modern dance through college. I loved moving effortlessly to the rhythm of music—something I try to encourage in my barre classes, as most of you know! That is why Barre hooked me from day one.

I was in my late twenties when I took my first Pilates class. I was amazed by the control, length and balance most students exhibited — many of whom were much older than I. Even more amazing was how it made me feel. My low back pain, stemming from years of pliés and pounding the pavement on training runs, began to ease. I felt taller and stronger, yet more graceful. I quickly made Pilates part of my everyday life. I was committed.

After all three of my kids were in school, I decided to take my practice to the next level. Kat, my then-trainer and now trusted colleague, encouraged me to do this. I became fully certified through Balance Body Pilates in Mat, Reformer, Trapeze, and Barre. I have 4 barre certifications: Boston Body Barre, Balanced Body Barre, Booty Barre, and Barreless. As a teacher, watching how Pilates can transform a body and mind is one of my greatest joys.

belinda gower

Belinda has been practicing Pilates for over twenty five years. She was first drawn to Pilates for its grace, precision, and fluidity. To her, it was a truly beautiful and purposeful way to move. But what hooked her the most was the way it made her feel—elongated, relaxed, graceful, and pain free. It was better than a runner’s high but without the low back pain the next day. She was addicted.

Belinda is trained through Balanced Body Pilates in Mat, Reformer, Trapeze, and Barre. She is also certified by Tracey Mallett’s Booty Barre, Booty Barreless and Suspension Barre. Her favorite part of teaching is pairing her moves to really good music. Clients often ask for her playlists. She is proud to say that one client claims that her class was the fastest hour of her life.

Belinda Gower is the owner of Belinda Gower Studio, a boutique Pilates and Barre studio located in Concord, Massachusetts.

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