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What You Get

New workouts updated every 7 to 10 days varied in 10, 15, and 30 minute formats. Site also includes some 55 minute formats.

Varied in style

  • Cardio Barre - An energizing, full body workout designed to lengthen and strengthen your entire body. Intermittent cardio bursts will get your heart pumping!
  • Restorative Barre - A deliberately paced class designed to replenish and strengthen your entire body. This mindbody approach is ideal for beginners or clients with injuries.
  • Abdominal Strength - Targeted movements designed to wake-up your deepest core muscles. 
  • Full Body Arms - Using light weights or no weights at all, this series works your arms as well as your entire body.
  • Self Care Stretching - A mindbody focus helps you target and release overburdened muscles.
  • Tips and Tutorials - Targeted cues will help you find your safest and most effective way to move in everyday life and throughout your workouts. 

What You Need

  • A Barre - Ideally, you will use a wall-mounted barre or Bootykicker (discount available here). A sturdy chair or countertop are great alternatives!
  • Pilates Air Ball - A 6" to 9” pilates air ball (comes free with your purchase of your Bootykicker here). 
  • Light Weights - 2 to 3 lb. weights are ideal.
  • Mat - yoga mat
  • Yoga Block - *Optional* but will occasionally be used to enhance exercises.

Where to Watch

You can do Barre @Home from anywhere with a WIFI connection! Watch from your desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone or TV. Please note that low bandwidth will result in lower-quality video presentation.

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